Lhasa De Sela My Name

why don’t you ask me how long i’ve been waiting
sat down on the road with the gunshots exploding
i’m waiting for you, in the gloom and the blazing
i’m waiting for you

i sing like a slave, i know i should know better
i’ve learned all my lessons right down to the letter
and still i go on like this year after year
waiting for miracles and shaking with fear

why don’t you answer, why don’t you come save me
show me how to use all these things that you gave me
turn me inside out so my bones can save me
turn me inside out

you’ve come this close, you can come even closer
the gunshots get louder and the world spins faster
and things just get further and further apart
my head from my hands and hands from my heart

one thing that’s true is the way that i love him
the earth down below and the sky up above him
and still i go on like this day after day
still i go on like this

now i’ve said this, i already feel stronger
i can’t keep waiting for you any longer
i need you now, not someday when i’m ready
come down on the road, come down on the road

my name, my name
nothing is
nothing is the same
and i won’t go back the way i came
my name, my name
nothing is the same