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Styx Shooz video

Well it’s Friday nite and the streets
are full of the weekends with their green
Soldier boys looking left and right
at all the sights there to be seen
Well you can be there’s a loaner
who’d love to see you be so sweet
That’s why I’m telling you to get on
your shooz and get out there on the street
And get your rockin’
Rock n’Roll Shooz
Up and down around they go with
their heads turning all around
Way down there on the corner
there’s a Cadillac that’s easy to be found
Way down there in Chicago, down
along Division street
The boys are just looking for a girl
like you to make their stay in town a treat
So get your rockin’
Rock n’Roll Shooz
They all love it baby, they keep
comin’ back for more
Rock n’Roll Shooz

If you want to watch Styx Shooz
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If you want to watch Styx Shooz
video Click This!

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